Copper-based PCB

Copper-based PCB Automotive low headlight power pcb

LED headlight circuit
Headlight Bulbs
Copper-based PCB
Copper core PCB, OSP, 3Oz, 20pcs/panel

Automotive low headlight power pcb
Copper core PCB V-cut  +  CNC

1L Copper core PCB OSP Technical Capacity

Product Name:  Automotive low headlight power pcb
Thickness of finished sheet:  1.2mm
Layer num:  1 L
Plate size: 148*95mm/20up
Minimum Linewidth Line Spacing: 10mil/10mil
Minimum hole size: 0.5mm
Surface Treatment OSP
Minimum BGA pad: No
Material type: Copper core
Complete copper thickness: 1/1OZ
Impedance type: CNC +  V-cut
Impedance control: No
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