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Rigid PCB Technical Capacity
Technical Capability – In Brief
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Meidear PCB technical capability in brief for your PCB manufacturing requirements in whether it is Prototype, Small Volume, Medium Volume or large volume – Meidear PCB is always in service to you, our valued customers, with our professional equipments and our expert staff.

Rigid PCBs Prototype | Small and Medium Volume | High Volume – In brief


Standard PCBs Prototype PCBs
Standard FR4 Yes Yes
Tg 150 Yes Yes
Tg 170 Yes Yes
Tg 180 Yes Yes
CEM-1 Yes Yes
CEM-3 Yes Yes
Mechanical Drilling (Std) Yes Yes
Laser Drilling (Optional) Yes Yes
Filled Via Yes Yes
Solder Mask
Green (Std) Yes Yes
Matte Green Yes Yes
Red Yes Yes
Black Yes Yes
Matte Black Yes Yes
White Yes Yes
Blue Yes Yes
Overlay (Legend)
White (Std) Yes Yes
Black Yes Yes
Yellow Yes Yes
Gray Yes Yes
Surface Finish
Leaded HASL (Std) Yes Yes
Lead-FREE HASL Yes Yes
ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) Yes Yes
Immersion SILVER Yes Yes
Immersion Tin Yes Yes
OSP Yes Yes
Gold Finger Yes Yes
Carbon Printing Yes Yes
V Score Yes Yes
Routing Yes Yes
Countersink Holes Yes Yes
Jump Scoring Yes Yes
Bevel Yes Yes
Edge Plating Yes Yes
Complex PCBs
Blind and Buried Via Yes Yes
Impedance Control Yes Yes
BGA Yes Yes
PCB Classifications
IPC 6012, Class 1 Yes Yes
IPC 6012, Class 2 Yes Yes
IPC 6012, Class 3 Yes Yes
Quality Standards
ISO Certification ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 9001: 2008
UL Approval Yes Yes